A downloadable game

Basic Prototype currently existing of a couple of mini games to destroy moving balloon targets avoiding hitting special characters.

Collectable figures can be unlocked and collected.

There is also a Playground for learning character movements including climbing walls and ladders plus a zip line so far and a general Weapons Training area.

Trying to learn different aspects of VR to produce an immersive experience for the player.  
So far it includes things like recoil, impacts and impact noises, bullet holes etc.

Hope is to build on previous versions of Balloon Hunt with a bigger level or levels hunting balloons out in the wild..... !?!

Work In Progress
Demo Using Assets:
HurricaneVR , Hexabody,
Impact - Physics Interaction System,
ODIN and others

Tested only on an Oculus 2



BalloonHunt2AD.apk 86 MB

Install instructions

Download the apk and install  using something like SideQuest.

Then find and run in Apps - Unknown Sources....

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