Puzzle you way through the levels helping the clowns collect their color coordinated collectables on the way


Mini prototype game created for the Color Cloning Quest as part of GameDev.Tv "Skill Builder - Season 1"  (ex "Unity Challenge Club" )

Odd features found:
A: Occasionally a clown will not want to be clicked on when using Direct Selection.
Either nudge it with another clown or Toggle to use Loop Selection and move to wake up!
B: Illegal bounce - a  clown may think they are another color and bounce on a different color tyre.... (partial correction should only one bounce now if it happens at all)
C: Clown sometimes no longer wants to face forwards - probably a little shy... (corrected?)
If you spot any other features let me know! Ta.


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Very nice visuals and sound. Feels polished as well.
I`m not a puzzle player myself, but i enjoyed playng this one.

Looks like the minor bug with illegal bounce are coming from doing color checks in update method and applying force in fixed update. If it is the case, then it should be easy to fix this i hope :)

And the ground check working on the clown of the same color - i figured that out only on the 4th lvl xD

Also i still don`t know why are there superjumps sometimes.

But in the end, puzzles are clever, controls are good and i enjoyed the game!