Grapple Those Balloons

Use the Grapple to swing around collect the balloons.

Choose between an easy and a hard level.


It's a level of a possible Mini Game..

The hard level is a little tricky but is possible.

I have ideas for a couple of different types of levels but that'll take more time to incorporate...

Now with a new High Score Tables.

Can you get on them?!

Note: High Score table may be tidied/reset/archived periodically. ----------------------------------------

Mini prototype game created for the 2D Grapple Gun Quest as part of GameDev.Tv "Skill Builder - Season 1"  (ex "Unity Challenge Club" )


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Hey, fun game. How did you get sounds to play in Unity WebGL? Do you use AudioClips?

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Thanks for the  comment - yes, using Audioclips no different from playing them on other platforms.