A few evolving mini games based on topics coming out of  GSCE Computer Science Revision. Some are also useful for new programmers or are fun for more experienced ones who cannot say no to a challenge!

All of the 'decks' are randomised so no games should be the same,
and a number of decks are randomly built from scratch so a new challenge each time.

NO CALCUTATORS! (Unless double checking a wrong answer)

Update Feb 22: Practice options where you can try multiple times to get to the right answer

Game Types

  • Pairs Memory,
  • True or False
  • Maths Quizes
  • Base Conversion Quizes
  • and possibly more as things evolve

'Decks' include:

  • Combinations of Binary/Hex/Decimal
  • Algorithms
  • Flow Chart
  • Boolean Logic
  • Arithmetic Operators
  • Comparison Operators
  • Logic Gates
  • Measures of Data
  • and more as things evolve

Please inform me if you spot any errors as currently the only tester is me and building randomised maths equations is certainly interesting when trying to deal with only whole numbers and not wanting the player to use a calculater.

Any other suggestions or topics (ideally as a list of questions and answers!!??) welcome.

The question and answers are hopefully correct and done to the best of my ability but I cannot be held responsible if they are wrong. If you are not sure please ask me or your teacher. Thanks.

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